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  • Abused and Exploited Part II

    Abused and Exploited Part II

    And the reporting continues with women being gang-raped every day, everywhere by everyone with a slight change – after the gang-rape, the brutalization and savagery, these women of all age groups are finally burnt alive, that,

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  • Abused and Exploited – Part I

    Abused and Exploited – Part I

    Sadik Masih does not at any point of time question or cast aspersions regarding the activities of the government of India or any other authority – it merely stresses the need to implement certain Acts and or legislations which require immediate implementation. Also, certain glaring activities, issues and lack of concern on the part of our legislators, bureaucrats and other government functionaries seem to openly mock the general public and are brought to the attention of all desiring a correction. To illustrate further,

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  • Surakshit Bachhpan(Secure Childhood – Our Strength)

    Surakshit Bachhpan(Secure Childhood – Our Strength)

    This is a need-based project relating to the demand for basic Rights of children and young adolescent girls and boys in the geographic location of our work covers the areas ofTrilokpuri, Khichripuri,

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  • WOMEN’s HELPLINE – 181

    WOMEN’s HELPLINE – 181

    Helpline puts the individual face to face with certain stark realities of the society we live in and, the perpetual devious, multiple speak of its constituent members, functionaries of the various organs

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