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Our Vision

Human dignity with professional skills to empower individuals

Our Mission

Socio-economic development with Positive Social Change empowers communities.

About Sadik Masih

A Tree to Benefit Generations

Trilokpuri – East Delhi 1993: A group of young boys and girls depressed with the steady degeneration in the quality of their lives, the social environment, lack of access to any working infrastructure facilities, decided to pool their minds, resources and capabilities together.

Something needed to be done – but what? How? It was here that these young people realized they did not have a ‘voice’ nor any ‘Right’ to voice their feelings, belief’s or, aspirations. Did anyone care?? No! Political and money power ruled supreme over the will of the people. An association of very young adults was formed with the focus issues, relating to children and young adults.

Dominated by 19-year-old Vinay K. Stephen, Sadik Masih Medical Social Servant Society (SMMSSS) was registered under the societies registration Act in the year 1994 dominated and driven by the force of very young people wanting to be heard, claim their ‘Rights’ in search of a better quality of life.

Sadik Masih Medical Social Servant Society (SMMSSS) is unique in another way – its founder/elected members are all residents of the target area.

The residents, mostly third and fourth generation residents of the area, belong to a vast assortment of castes and communities, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, minority communities, OBCs, Dalits, scavengers from all over India.


  1. Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP)
  1. In recognition of  the excellent services to the RNTCT initiativeBy Government of NCT of Delhi
  2. October 13, 2008.

2. RNTCP – NGO Partnership, Government of NCT Delhi Bhagidari.

     For the highest number successful conclusion of  treatment of Tuberculosis.

     September 4,  2012

3.  Catholic Bishop’s Conference India (CBCI) –

The Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Service Award to SMMSSS through Shri Vinay K. Stephen, General Secretary

      May 23,  2016

4.  Sofia (NGO) –

outstanding contribution to supporting security of women and women related issues.

      March 8,  2016.