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  • WOMEN’s HELPLINE – 181

    WOMEN’s HELPLINE – 181

    Helpline puts the individual face to face with certain stark realities of the society we live in and, the perpetual devious, multiple speak of its constituent members, functionaries of the various organs

  • Training of Trainers by Mr. Vinay K.Stephen

    “Training of Trainers” by Mr. Vinay K.Stephen     As a pilot programme a North-Eastern Training of Trainers for the “Street Food Vendors”was held at Agartala, Tripura. FSSAI certified Trainer, Mr.Vinay K Stephen, was the resource person which was attended by seven candidates from different states of North-East. Training Session of this nature is the


Sadik Masih – Where Governments Fail to Act

Incidence of violence against women in Delhi reveal that violence and crimes relating to women and girls are in epidemic form due to a self-serving political interests and its own parochial law enforcement agency; this has resulted in the resurgence of Khap Justice above and beyond the law of this land.Honour killings/road rage and vigilantes’ justice is the new weapon of terror and viewed by all as a just retribution by politicians at every level.

Women continue to shoulder the burden of domestic duties, domestic violence, homelessness and child-rearing affecting their claims to most work openings; a problem that many women and young girls face; fewer job opportunities and none in the government sector.

Sadik Masih – Building Bridges & Linkages – Meeting Challenges

Sadik Masih effectively addresses the key issues of skill training, income generating skills and gender related abuse and or, violence and women empowerment specifically in slum settings at the location and time of discord. This has succeeded in bringing about significant changes in the attitudes and lives of slum dwellers by creating awareness and Capacity Building in them to voice their concerns collectively. Sadik Masih facilitates, motivates, counsels and guides this vast population to aspire and achieve their goals with less of confrontation through greater solidarity and improved work skills.

Women’s economic empowerment, fostering leadership skills in adolescent youth and the creation of income generating activities are the accepted strategies for organizing women and youth thus facilitating the process of their participation in development programmes.

In Delhi, issues relating to the safety of women has always been at an all-time shamefully high level. Domestic and sexual violence is very common sparing no one and exceptions prove nothing; women outside their homes face an equally degrading,demeaning and unsafe environment open to harassment and humiliation from every quarter.

Every baseline study conducted by the Department of Women and Child Welfare records that two out of three women reported some types of violence 2-5 times in a single year. Poor infrastructure, lack of safe community toilets, absence of a suitable shelter, narrow streets and absence of street lights, frequent power supply cuts, drugsor liquor consumption are major causes that relate to women’s safety in the city.

Lack of government infrastructure, insensitivity of government functionaries, the absence of an empowered social protection mechanism such as community groups and associations, CBOs and strong representation by women’s group representatives leads to an absence of faith, trust and confidence among women and adolescent girls.