About SadikMasih

Medical Social Servant Society (SMMSSS) is a Humanitarian organisation working pan India. It was founded over 25 years ago with a mission to promote and society dignity among people living at margin, unheard and demeaned due to various social and cultural reasons. It was a thought conceived and materialized in a young mind Vinay K Stephen in the year 1993. Seeing individuals with lost human dignity due to drug addiction, stigmatizing diseases, cultural barriers etc. the original aim of enhancing human dignity was conceived.

Today, we are an organisation that is active in over 11 states of India with programmes on preventive health, entrepreneurship development, community development, child development, women empowerment to enhance dignity of many living at margins.  We strive to move forward for with an ambition is to transform the lives of at least 1 million people in next 5 years with various programmes.


We think there are 1 million reasons to reach the target. Thus we are moving forward with integrated approach in all our programmes.

Thus we will –

Work with families and communities of individuals who have been part of our varied programmes directly. We intend to look into their needs, empower them and make them champions of change 

Widen the platforms and accommodate all. Develop a social participation to make feel for the dignity of every individual.

Thus we will –

Evolve community participation and engage them to be partners for change. Institution for technical training, education, faith groups and other likeminded organisation will be reached with Sadik’s Endeavors and joining hands for promotion of human dignity.

Partnership for change and address local context. Develop a mindset within the team working within and end users of it services to come together for social change and enhancing human dignity.

Thus we will  –

Capacitate team of Sadik Masih to be the key role player for meeting level of people’s (targeted in any of our programmes) satisfaction focusing on the vision, Mission and the objectives of the organisation. And further the satisfaction into Delight to develop partnership for change in the level of human dignity as a whole.

Prevention is health, right life choices is wealth. With our hands on experiences in the communities in last two and half decades it has been learnt that prevention is only way to be healthy. Right Choices for life are the ways to save hard earned money. 

Thus we will –

Come up with projects on right life choices and prevention of diseases. Various state governments, their institutions and street food vendors will be reached through training on food safety, hygiene and health care. Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS being a most stigmatizing and threatening/fatal diseases, prevention will be emphasized through launching various programmes.


Sadik Masih Medical Social Servant Society (SMMSSS) is a national level organisation, working for social change from more than two decades. It has been an established organisation on urban and rural development. People belonging to the marginalized society have been focus of its developmental endeavors. Communities and individuals have witnessed the change through the initiatives of SMMSSS. The organisation has identified communities in need in different parts of India. The organisation carries wealth of working experience with various types of developmental initiatives. It has addressed needs of varied kinds through its projects specifically designed. Its services to the society has been recognized by partner agencies at National and state level.

SMMSSS has its reach in 11 states including Delhi. All these states have been reached with programme focused upon Health, Education, Community Development and Domestic violence etc. Variety of needs have been addressed through its endeavors.