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  • Sadik Masih – Empower Women & Children


    “  .  .  . to secure

    Justice: social, economic, academic& political;

    Liberty: of thought, expression, belief, faith & worship;

    Equality: of political representation, intellectual expression, employment opportunities, professional & social status

    Women and children in the years ahead will continue to shoulder a back-breaking burden of

    • livelihood issues;
    • domestic duties;
    • child bearing and rearing.
    • the murderous assault, misery and burden of wars and terrorism up to 95%;
    • caring for the maimed, those who did not return home and the other brutal aspects of war.
    • destroyed homes and being rendered homeless
    • mass migration besides,
    • displacement due to development programmes at times of peace, entirely man created and,
    • Violence and abuse at home and abroad – physical and psychological

    With the destruction of homes, family unity and the social fabric,

    • women and children bear the brunt of being homeless, and
    • are not even listed as such for redressal or relief in government development programmes.
    • The special needs of women are not a government priority

    Sadik Masih effectively addresses the key issues of gender violence and women’s empowerment – albeit in a very small way.  Sadik Masih facilitates, motivates, counsels and guides this vast population to aspire and achieve their goals with less of confrontation through greater solidarity and improved work skills translating to economic independence.

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