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  • Innovative Inclusive Systems

    Innovative Inclusive Systems

    Open Schools for Women – Not Child Brides

     Empowerment at Sadik Masih is defined  as

    A social condition where men and women can take control of their lives,define their own priorities, gain skills, gain recognition for their expertise and skills, increased self-confidence, evolve solutions to challenges that confront them and,enjoy the freedom to experience and act according to their will.

    India –New Delhi: A Patriarchal Feudal Society

    The month of November 2016, rape and cases of brutality – finds over 17 girls bellow the age of 4 being raped, brutalised, strangulated,  burnt or both, five girls whose age was recorded in months the youngest being 4 months were raped and, this remarkable change in the moral fibre of the people bothered nobody. But, at Sadik Masih, it is a matter of grave concern

     The comfort and security of a mother’s lap is the inner strength of children. But, when mothers are abused, assaulted, battered, kidnapped, raped and, burnt alive in front of their own children, their families and neighbours – we destroy the fabric, security and strength ofnot just the child but entire families, communities and ultimately the country.

    The National Forum for Single Women’s Rights reports – “40 million (4 crore) invisible women, lonely, deserted, spinsters, abandoned, divorced, widowed, abused, violated, uncounted, underserved – without any access to any government welfare schemes, social justice, health, shelter, education, means for livelihood.” Sadik Masih believes, this deserves a foot-note – “these women are not even listed for any priority in government planning or spending. For the government they do not exist and are a burden to the economy.”

     Challenges Addressed by Sadik Masih

    Women represent 70% of the world’s poor – in India (South-east Asia), 70% of this population resides in India

    1. more than 1.2 billion still subsist on less than $1 per day – for India the figure is around 560 million. Sadik Masih is actively involved in providing skill enhancement programmes of the future alongwith placement options.
    2. at least 6 out of 10 women are beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused by an intimate partner in the course of their lifetime. For India the figures are at 100%; a country without any social security except for the most affluent how can any woman protest on issues of ill-treatment at home to become a victim of predaters on the streets and prostituted at every turn totally unprotected by the State. Counselling, support services and legal redress is a continuous on-going activity. Awaaz Uthao persistently addresses this challenges besides
    3. A married woman regrdless of her age can be turned out of her house in the middle of the night and her Rights/ Claims would take around a life-time to establish, if at all.
    4. It is estimated that, worldwide, 1 in 5 women will become a victim of rape or attempted rape in her life time – which is true for India
    • Women experience sexual harassment throughout their lives.
    1. Homelessness is an experience causing loss of self-esteem, confidence and identity
    2. Homeless mothers raising their children on the streets who in turn, will be homeless and parent babies who will remain homeless – that, is the cycle of poverty SMMSSS tries to correct..
    3. Employment helps homeless women trying to get back on their feet to at least HOPE, to aspire for something higher for herself and her children.

     (Data is from UN Women 2016)

    Vinay K. Stephen, General Secretary

    Cellular: 9811025437

    February 23, 2017

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