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    What a Cruel Joke – 52% of India’s population (women and children) living in fear – minute to minute with no succour.

     Facts as reported in the National Dailies – merely compiled

    Uttar Pradesh goes to the polls this week –but, following the riots on September 08, 2013 journalists and activists had reported unrestricted instances of rape and sexual violence instigated by the Jaat mahapanchayat held outside Muzaffarnagar city the day before.

    These were all Muslim women from rural UP. In all seven instances, three or more Jaat men were allegedly involved in the gangrapes. The women named all the men in their FIRs, and in some cases, knew the accused well.

    Incidents of sexual violence are supported by a clearly visible chain of political and bureaucratic self-serving interests, impunity from prosecution and dereliction of duty by government functionaries reflecting absolute acceptance of the corruption that permits every criminal activity at the cost of the citizens while the state and judicial system and law enforcement agencies do not believe they are answerable, responsible or accountable reflecting their immunity and security in the face of their failure to investigate and ensure justice to the victims. The point of no return was achieved a long time back when it was not an issue for an explanation regarding the thousands of mutilated bodies turning-up on the streets without any rioting or assault.

    The true picture that has emerged over a span of seventy years is of the levels of justice delayed, justice denied with no relief to the victims in the countless incidents of sexual violence in India over a span of 75 years. Only three cases of sexual violence during the Hindu Muslim riots have concluded in some form of conviction, all others have gone unpunished.

    99% of all politically motivated violent crimes go unreported and unpunished permitting predators to operate freely in society and to indulge in violence at will. The Bilkis Banucase falls far short of what should have been done in the quest for justice – for instance, murder, assault, displacement of the local citizenry and dead bodies in terms of thousands did not happen on its own, it was a part of a massive conspiracy.

    In Muzaffarnagar, the Jaat Mahapanchayat of September 07, 2013, indulging in fiction and lies, talking of Beti Bachao Bahu Bachao and ‘Love Jihad’ willfully stirred the cauldron of communal tension in a bid to conveniently acquire vacant Muslim land for free by murder and eliminating entirely the Muslim ownership.

    Not one of the seven gangrape casesfiled out of over a few thousand instances of assault, murder, rape, looting, pillagingnot reported, has seen a conviction.Two of the cases haven’t even gone to trial. These fewsurvivors have been repeatedly threatened by the accused of dire consequences in full public knowledge and view of the law enforcement agenciessince 2013 whileall requests for protection have been ignored.

    One of the survivors and petitioner retracted her statement and turned hostile in December 2013 stating that she had requested for her case to be re-opened and filed a new statement, naming the accused and saying she had retracted her statement under pressure the last time.

    A letter filed on her behalf to the investigating officer in March 2014 said that in December 2013, days before she was to record her statement, “[One of the three men] pointed the pistol at her son’s temple and the three men began threatening her saying they would kill her, her son and other members of her family if she gave statement against them…”.

    As of January 2017, Bano’s lawyers have told her that her case is only likely to be heard after the elections.

    Chaman, another survivor, who has been unwell since the riots, told a fast-track court in 2015 that the accused were not the men who raped her. This after she had filed an affidavit saying that the accused were delaying the trial deliberately and she was afraid that the adjournments granted by the court would give them an opportunity to threaten her.

    of the seven cases that were filed after the 2013 riots, two are yet to go to trial while no convictions have been made in the others

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