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  • Sadik Masih – Empower Women & Children

    Women and children in the years ahead will continue to shoulder a back-breaking burden of

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  • Innovative Inclusive Systems

    Innovative Inclusive Systems

    Open Schools for Women – Not Child Brides

    Empowerment at Sadik Masih is defined as

    A social condition where men and women can take control of their lives,define their own priorities, gain skills, gain recognition for their expertise and skills, increased self-confidence, evolve solutions to challenges that confront them and,enjoy the freedom to experience and act according to their will.

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  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai –

    Bharat Mata Ki Jai –

    What a Cruel Joke – 52% of India’s population (women and children) living in fear – minute to minute with no succour.

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  • Thinking of Bapu & Our Transgressions

    Thinking of Bapu & Our Transgressions

    “The reasons behind our failings – is our inveterate selfishness, our inability to make sacrifices for the country, our dishonesty, our timidity, our hypocrisy and our ignorance. Everybody is selfish, more or less but, we seem to be more selfish than others. Where so much selfishness exists, how can one expect self sacrifice? Does the businessman cleanse his business off dishonesty for the sake of his country? Does he forget his profit? Does he stop speculation? Our dishonesty is there for all to see. We believe that business can never be carried on honestly..

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