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  • Abused and Exploited Part II

    Abused and Exploited Part II

    And the reporting continues with women being gang-raped every day, everywhere by everyone with a slight change – after the gang-rape, the brutalization and savagery, these women of all age groups are finally burnt alive, that, is the latest trend. Young girls below 14 are compelled to suicide and children, boys or girls are indiscriminately subjected to sexual perversion. These reports – a slur on the character of the people of India remain unfelt, ridiculed – buried unceremoniously.


    The government has failed outright and in fact has now decided to ignore this specific malaise in society in its entirety. Ultimately, today there is no court of appeal who can deliver justice to these victims of a society sold to criminals, mafia groups and anti-social groups and communities.


    Child Protection has been declared a Fundamental Right of the child by the government of India. And yet, children in India are today more unsafe than they were ever before.


    Current Status

    1. Most, up to 90% cases end up in acquittal due to negligent or no investigation, no collection and documenting of the evidence, collusion with gram panchayats and KHAP justice systems.
    2. Witnesses who are capable of delivering justice are willfully left out of the list of witnesses or, eliminated all-together.
    3. Victims and their families receive no protection from the police force and in fact therefore, become easy prey to further assault, threats of violence, violence and further atrocities.
    4. The court atmosphere is very hostile to victims, children, women and the vulnerable segments with anti-social elements having a strangle hold on the entire court premises.
    5. Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) have not proved up to the mark because of their inherent weaknesses and absence of full-time committed, professionally competent workers.
    6. Violators are bailed out at once being from the affluent communities while the public prosecutors remain silent spectators – bail seems to be a birthright of the criminal today.
    7. Government functionaries follow the rule of ‘protect your own’and therefore do not take action against erring officers.
    8. Cancellation of immunity of government servants against initiating any immediate criminal procedure against them, receives no attention from successive governments through the years.


    The month of November 2016, rape and cases of brutality – finds over 17 girls bellow the age of 4 being raped, brutalised, strangulated, burnt or both, five girls whose age was recorded in months the youngest being 4 months were raped and, this remarkable change in the moral fibre of the people bothered nobody. But, at Sadik Masih, it is a matter of serious concern. 

    Criminals and anti-social elements in India today are fully confident that investigations, legal procedures, protection to victims and witnesses so negligent and open to assault that they fear nobody and today, rule the land. Nothing will ever act as a deterrent since the case files will fail to even complete the necessary procedures – victims are always the poor in India and, the culprits and criminals as usual are stashed with money and political power – and every service comes with a price-tag ensuring victory to the corrupt. Is anybody listening? Is anybody concerned??

    Vinay K. Stephen, General Secretary

    Cellular: 9811025437

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    This matter is incomplete

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