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  • Abused and Exploited – Part I

    Abused and Exploited – Part I


    This is a response to several queries regarding our reason, stand and ‘Right’ to question Acts and legislation introduced by the government of India.


    Sadik Masih does not at any point of time question or cast aspersions regarding the activities of the government of India or any other authority – it merely stresses the need to implement certain Acts and or legislations which require immediate implementation. Also, certain glaring activities, issues and lack of concern on the part of our legislators, bureaucrats and other government functionaries seem to openly mock the general public and are brought to the attention of all desiring a correction. To illustrate further,


    Does the enactment of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act 1971 or, The RTI Act 2005, the passage of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 or, RTE Act 2009, The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 or,The Anti-Rape Bill/The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2013 or, the National Policy for Children 2013 serve to establish any benchmark of having achieved any success in their implementation?


    The ‘kick-start’ arrangements, short-term measures and some sort of immediate balm to ease the public conscience for that moment is the immediate intention. This attitude is clearly reflected in the cover-up measures for the most heinous of crimes against the most vulnerable segments.


    Following the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi in December 12, 2012, the Lok Sabha passed The Anti Rape Bill/The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2013 (to salve the collective conscience of the people of India) on the evening of Tuesday March 19, 2013 with barely 200 of the 545 Lok Sabha members being present making it painfully evident how serious the honorable law-makers of our country are on crucial issues affecting the lives of over half the population of India.  


    1. Sadik Masih feels that the laws of this land have ceased to act as a deterrent to anti-social activity since, enactment of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill incidents of rape and assault on women and children has taken Indian society in epidemic form and does not fear any authority anymore since the conviction rate is abject and shameful.
    2. The law enforcement establishmentand its various arms from the topmost to the lowest – in its various avatars express and experience no concern and have stated in no uncertain terms that they cannot be held responsible.
    3. Since or, if no one is responsible, Sadik Masih is compelled to ask ‘Who do we appeal to??’
    4. Politicization of the law enforcement agencies and imposition of Section 144 on a mass of men, women and children who wish to march to parliament to express their dissatisfaction with the existing situation of the day cannot be and or, should not be tear-gassed or lathi-charged.
    5. Monetary Compensation is an indication of the very high level of insensitivity, paucity of intellectual capability in an endeavour to divert attention – which is on every occasion, the government response.
    6. Giving monetary compensation to victims of rape, assault, murder or simple violence does not help the individual/s subjected to inhuman atrocities in re-achieving mental/psychological balance and due rehabilitation in the social environment.
    7. The crimes are unending, the compliance, collusion and collaboration increases unabashed with each passing day and so also increases the misery of the people.

    Vinay K. Stephen, General Secretary

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