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  • WOMEN’s HELPLINE – 181

    WOMEN’s HELPLINE – 181

    Amit Bhengra – Project Coordinator: Working with and for the Women’s Helpline puts the individual face to face with certain stark realities of the society we live in and, the perpetual devious, multiple speak of its constituent members, functionaries of the various organs of governance and above all, the mischievous, pre-planned practices of these systems which were put in place initially, to ensure that the affected population had access to quick redressal. This last concept of, a quick redressal is now blowing in the desert of brutality, nepotism and corruption.


    In a situation like this one is confronted with the major problem of poor education, the ill-educated and illiteracy. Women are the worst sufferers and, Why?


    The entire Indian society is absolutely feudalistic – patriarchal, with very little exposure to education or, erudition or, exposure to the wider world around them. In the social environment in which we, the SMMSSSteam function the attitude is proclaimed very loudly:

    1. ZAR (money/gold/wealth) – Joru (Women) – Zamein (Immovable property) are to be kept under lock and key and fully within your control to decide when, where and how they are to be disposed, at a time, as and when you choose to.
    2. It is wrongly declared and equated as a part of religion and theology thatmataal (a drunkard), pagal (a mad man), shishu (infant) and nari (a woman) are all of the same mental and social status and to be handled on an equal plain.


    It is therefore not difficult to understand the reason behind the injustice meted out to children, women and the mentally or physically challenged in our country. All these three social segments have been stripped off their dignity, Right to liberty and freedom of choice.


    As I cover my day-to-day work with 181 I am appalled by the arrogance of those perpetrating acts of violence and crime without any fear of the law enforcement agencies what-so-ever. Another very remarkable factor is that very rarely is the First Information Report (FIR) filed and, in the odd cases that an FIR is filed there is no action and, in the event of any action barely 5% cases end up with a nominal minimum conviction which, appears to the common more like a mockery of the common man.


    In these columns you will find a regular report of cases which I feel have been willfully ignored, sidelined and or, misrepresented due to fear of violence and threats and pressure by the authorities themselves to affect a compromise. What I have failed to understand through the years is that why, I repeat why should the police be involved in achieving a compromise in acts of violence and intimidation which, deserve the attention of the law courts and, taken up to the Supreme Court in pursuit of justice.


    It is my request to all readers and visitors to our website to please get back to me on issues you feel I have ignored. I am available for direct contact.




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